Dain is a small planetoid which is perpetually scorched by its proximity to Cal, the planetoid was the main focus of imperial element extraction operations during the period of Imperial control over the Cal system. There remains a small population of Sukarans, who eke out a cramped and desperate existence in the orbital stations which formerly serviced element collection and transport starships. Because the Sukarans living above Dain are spread among many orbital stations system ships are vitally important to the survival of their society, because of this the Dain Sukarans are somewhat more adept at the piloting and maintenance of spacecraft than the rest of the Sukarans.

Average temperature – 230 C

Length of day – 591 hours

Population – 19,031 (in orbital stations)

Gravity – 6m/s/s

Climate – Extreme temperature desert

Notes – Rare elements formed in Callaon’s combustive periods get caught by the gravity of Dain where they are relatively easy to extract from the atmosphere.


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