Molush is a large moon in orbit of Riata, due to its position it was here that the Imperium built the Cal system’s primary starport and housed most of its administrative staff. Though the great ships that used to dock at Molush are not long gone it is still inhabited. The Molush Sukarans are the centre of the Sukaran culture, politics and economy, and they make up by far the largest Sukaran subgroup. The moon has some uncommon metal deposits but is otherwise resource poor, it does have an atmosphere of sorts but it is too thin for a human to survive in it for extended periods. What life it does support is limited to sparse mossy plants and a few highly mobile creatures which are likely non-native, though there are rumours about monsters stalking the regions far away from the sealed cities which surround the space port.

Average temperature – -40 C

Length of day – 74 hours

Population – 790,000

Gravity – 4m/s/s

Climate – Barren, dry, thin atmosphere.

Notes – Location of the system’s primary starport.


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