Riata is the Third largest planet and most hospitable in the Cal system. It supports the largest population, the overwhelming majority of whom are Riatians. There are approximately 2,000 Sukaran diplomats, merchants and technical personnel on Riata at any time, though most of them don’t stray from Starport City. The agricultural output of Riata is inefficient and scarcely above subsistence levels, the modest surplus produced from year to year is either stored against the possibility of a bad harvest or traded to the Sukarans. Riata is orbited by some small space stations and Molush a large moon that is home to the majority of the Sukarans.

Average temperature – 7 C

Length of day – 27.5 hours

Population – 196,000,000

Gravity – 11m/s/s

Climate – Temperate wet/cold

Notes – System capital, agricultural capital, military capital, location of the system’s tertiary starport.


Riata JamesMackenzie