The peoples of Riata, Luain and Ross are collectively known as Riatians, overall they are a homogeneous group culturally, linguistically and phenotypically.

Riata, Luain and Ross have slightly different but mostly mutually distinguishable languages, these form the Riatian language family. The Gothic languages are almost unknown amongst the Riatian people, with the knowledge of their greatest scholars extending no further than the pidgin Sukaran tounge.

  • Aloian is spoken primarily on the southern hemisphere of Riata and is considered by the Sukarans to be the official language the Riatian peoples.
  • Prelaic is spoken in most of the kingdoms of Riata’s northern hemisphere.
  • Berod is main language of Ross.
  • Alorod is spoken primarily in the city of Curnon though it is also considered the language of high learning amongst the peripheral kingdoms of Ross.
  • Common Luainic is spoken throughout Luain, though it also has a distinct formal form that is known as High Luainic.

The culture of the Riatians and is very uniform, with a feudal level of technology, there exists the foundations of dangerous techno-heretical belief within the Riatian culture, with no knowledge of the machine god and no fear of technological innovation incredibly limited though it currently is.

Religion of any sort is effectively non existent, during the brief Imperial administration of the Cal system few missionaries reached the Riatians, those that did gained little headway. Since the withdrawal of the Imperium from the Cal system the Emperor has become a well respected hero figure amongst a culture that is based on heroic traditions, however there is a heretical lack of belief on the nature of Emperor’s divinity.

Distrust of foreigners is rampant and would be considered commendable if it could be focussed only on xenos rather than all outsiders, human or alien. This seems unlikely to change given the mutual distrust of the Sukarans who represent all outsiders in the eyes of the Riatians. This is only compounded by the dim folk memory of the catastrophic events of Imperial withdrawal on the Riaitian people.

Riatians have a very martial society, the three planets are divided up into over 60 separate kingdoms that raid each other almost constantly, often going to all out warfare. The most powerful king on Riata claims the mantle of “Warlord” – largely synonymous with an imperial system governor; this is usually the same king who controls the starport on Riata.

The physical appearance of Riatians is above average human height with pale skin, blue eyes and varied hair colour most commonly blond and brown. Perhaps the most noticeable trait of the Riatian population is its much greater proportion of psykers and the lack of stigma attached to such a condition, indeed the current Warlord is a powerful psyker as is much of the Riatian noble class. Though Riatian psykers seem less vulnerable to the dangers of thier kind the cause of this is unknown. Riatian practice is very strict on anyone who shows signs of mental instability or disability, the unfortunates who do suffer from these mental afflictions are swiftly killed, it is the only situation where you are not cursed for killing your feudal overlord.


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