Ross is the fifth largest planet in the Cal system and the location of the city of Curnon; the system’s secondary starport. Like Riata and Luain, Ross is inhabited by Riatians, though there are apporximately 1,500 Sukarans living in the spaceport as on Riata they are not permanent inhabitants. There are a further 2,300 Sukarans who live on the space stations that orbit Ross and Luain however they are an insular lot and have no contact with anyone outside the 1,500 Sukarans living on Ross. Ross is less watery than Riata and Luain, its seas are large and salt-water and the landmasses are larger giving away to steppe in some regions.

Average temperature – 14 C

Length of day – 21 hours

Population – 48,000,000

Gravity – 9m/s/s

Climate – Temperate/steppe

Notes – Location of secondary starport, locked in a binary orbit with Luain.


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