Starport City

Starport City is the largest urban area on Riata, with a population of approximately 4 million it has more people than many Riatian kingdoms. Technically it is not a part of any kingdom, it has a similar system of feudalism to the kingdoms of Riata. The head of the ruling family take the title ‘highest’ and in times of independence they fulfil the role of a king. At times when a king manages to secure Starport City in his power the highest bow down and serve as stewards until their new liege lords eventually fall, whereupon they reassert their absolute power. In this manner the highest of Starport City are one of the oldest and wealthiest dynasties of Riata, reaping the rewards of power when they can and then riding in the wake of more powerful kings during times of upheaval.

The people of Starport city are just like the people of any other Riatian kingdom, though perhaps a little more urbanised and used to Sukarans. On the whole they are not expansionist, though they often fight against incursions by Riatian kingdoms. However due to the system of strategic balances created by the political situation on Riata the only time a king is truly able to threaten Starport City, he is almost certainly on the path to becoming Warlord and dangerous to resist too sternly. There is some rivalry between Starport City and the City of Curnon for the position of eminent Riatian city, though this rivalry is mostly restricted to sabotage and subterfuge given the difficulty of projecting conventional military force against a city on another planet.

There is a population of around 2,000 Sukurans living in Starport City, the vast majority of them live in the Sukuran quarter huddled around the spaceport seeking safety in numbers.

The working language of Starport City is Aloian, though since its conquest by the Prelaic speaking Aon Fuaridh, Prelaic has become more common than it previously was. Sukuran is spoken as a first language in the Sukuran quarter, though almost all Sukurans living there can also speak Aloian.

Starport City

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