The Sukarans are the descendants of Riatians and Imperial outsiders who arrived when the Cal system was discovered by the Imperium.

The Sukaran’s main political and economic centre is on Molush where the majority of Sukarans live. The only other Astronomical body that has a permanent population of Sukarans is Ulgin, which is the second largest Sukaran population centre by a long way. However although Ulgin has the potential to support a larger population than Molush it is still very much a frontier and will probable never pre empt the dominance of Molush. Sukarans also live in satellites and orbital platforms that were left behind by the Imperium’s withdrawal, many of these are unexplored and uninhabited. Though from time to time a group of Sukarans will escape the cramped conditions of an inhabited station to colonise a new station, however of most groups nothing is ever heard, and most of the colonies who do send news usually fail before forming a viable population.

As the Sukarans are not true Riatians they are distrusted on Riata, Luain and Ross, however they hold a monopoly on system travel and conduct business with the few rogue traders who very occasionally make the trip out to the Cal system.

Linguistically the Sukarans all speak a pidgin tongue formed from Low Gothic, High Gothic and Old Riatian. However because of the widespread nature of Sukaran settlements they each have their own set of slang words which can create some confusion. This is especially true of the Ulgin Sukarans who also have a very strong accent.

The Sukarans are a more pious group and repay the mistrust of the Riatians with scorn as they view them as backwards and primitive. Although unlike the Riatians they still recognise the machine god, they have no techpriests and must therefore conduct any repairs or constructions themselves, remembering the rituals as best they can.

There is a lot of friction between the Riatian Warlord and the ruling council of Molush who view each other as subordinates. Though in reality neither party has the power to claim hegemony over the other.

Physically the Sukarans much more disparate than the Riatians, eye colour is mostly green but brown or blue eyes are not uncommon. Unlike the Riatians the psyker level of the Sukarans is nothing out of the ordinary by imperial standards, and they have an ordinary level of physical mutation. When psykers are discovered amongst the Sukaran populations they are exiled to an uninhabited space station with a fortnights worth of supplies, mutants are killed at birth by exposure to space. These practices differ in the Ulgin population given that their single space station is inhabited and exposing infants to outer space is much more inconvenient then it is in the other Sukaran settlements. The practice with mutants on Ulgin is to leave them on the tundra at birth. When psykers are discovered they are branded and then sent into the wilderness, with a fortnights worth of supplies, on a quest to slay the mythical frost devil or never return.


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