Ulgin is the second largest planet in the Cal system, its inhabitants are Sukarans whose settlements huddle around areas of thermal activity that form islands of habitation in a sea of snow and ice. As the only Sukarans who breathe a natural atmosphere the Ulgin Sukarans are reckoned to be a strange lot amongst the others of their kind. Outside the thermal islands the environment of Ulgin is an endless icy tundra which can kill anyone unaccustomed to it in minutes. Even those who live on the very edges of Ulgin society and regularly travel through the vast wildernesses have a healthy fear of their world, and all but the most adventurous non-Ulgin Sukarans prefer not to even tread foot on Ulgin, conducting their trade via the single orbital station of Ulgin where possible.

Average temperature – -54 C

Length of day – 11 hours

Population – 42,000

Gravity – 10m/s/s

Climate – Tundra with small temperate islands

Notes – Vastly unexplored


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